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Is Ford Hinting at a Shelby Bronco

Uh oh…Does the 392 Wrangler have some competition?

Ford just released this fun video, showcasing a high-performance version of the Bronco. Ford is only the conduit though; Shelby is the ultimate mastermind. Shelby American appeared in an ambitious preview video suggesting that a hot-rodded Bronco with Mustang genes is potentially a viable love child. 

The video, called ‘Shelby vs Shelby,’ running 1:38 minutes, was posted on YouTube by Bronco Nation. The video shows a Mustang Shelby GT500 and a four-door Bronco side by side on a starting grid. Don’t prejudge the outcome of this duel, the GT500 packs 760 horsepower and is a beast. The Bronco has a slight advantage because it can make its own path versus staying on the track. The Bronco is able to take shortcuts and finish just a few seconds ahead of the Mustang, but it’s both exhilarating and close.

In the video, we meet two people involved in the marketing: Gary Patterson and Shelby Hall. Patterson is the CEO of Shelby American, and Hall is a professional race car driver. The two have some playful banter at the end suggesting that a Shelby Bronco is on its way. 

Ford did make the comment that they won’t try to compete with the Jeep Wrangler 392 by putting a V8 engine in the Bronco because of emissions-related concerns, but… this might be the first of many plays. American tuner Hennessey is already working on offering a V8 conversion for the Bronco. Check out the video and tell us what you think.

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