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Rivian is ready to launch

Rivian recently sent out an email to all prospective customers announcing that deliveries of its 2022 R1T Launch Edition electric pickup truck will begin in July. This will extend the production through the spring of 2022. When Rivian gets through this production, hopefully the R1T Adventure and Explore Package electric pickups will be available. There wasn’t any information regarding a delay of the R1S deliveries scheduled for August 2021. We can assume they will be delayed a month or so. However, Rivian will still win the race in bringing the first long-range electric pickup to the market. 

Initially, Rivian will be running a pilot production line to address any potential problems ahead of full production. Like most manufactures, Rivian was delayed due to Covid-19, pushing back schedules almost half a year. When Covid-19 hit, the company shut down the operation that was in the process of renovating a former Diamond-Star Motors plant which previously produced the Mitsubishi Eclipse, Plymouth Laser and Dodge Avenger. Now the factory is designed and equipped to produce its R1T and R1S electric vehicles for consumers, plus a contract of 100,000 delivery vans for Amazon. They are committed to having 10,000 of the Amazon electric vans on the road by next 2022, and completing the project by 2030. 

Rivian did announce some added standard features including an onboard air compressor. This is great for airing down/up tires when heading for the trails or inflating your camping gear. The Rivian Adventure Gear is now live on its configurator. It includes cargo crossbars for the bed, a three-person tent that can be mounted, racks for bikes, kayaks, surfboards/snowboards/skis, off-road recovery gear, and much more. Rivian has definitely embraced the active lifestyle. 

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