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Seems like a 392 V8 Jeep Gladiator is coming soon

Rumors have been spreading on whether or not Jeep will offer a 392 option on the Gladiator. Released late last year, the Wrangler 392 (pushing 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque) cleared the path for this option. If it can be done in a Wrangler, it can be done in a Gladiator. Even if it’s a limited-edition model, to stay competitive in the market, Jeep needs to deliver on what consumers want. 

Brandon Grimes, the Gladiator line’s Senior Brand Manager, affirmed: “If you scour the forums, there are tons of people that I’m sure would love to buy a V8 Gladiator. The crowd requesting a V8-powered Wrangler, its voice has gotten progressively louder over the last ten years. And, just to give you an idea of how much demand there is for a V8, there were seven aftermarket companies across the country doing V8 upfits at a really, really high price with no factory warranty or engineering. Most of them have wait lists of over a year. We might as well take some of that business.” Jeep won’t keep giving the profit away to the aftermarket companies. We have seen this with the extensive options from Mopar products, keeping aftermarket money in-house. Jeep has the potential to provide a one-stop-shop for buyers building up their Wranglers and Gladiators. 

Another speculation is whether or not the Gladiator will receive a 4xe variant. To be fair, if it sells with the Wrangler, chances are it will sell with the Gladiator.  This July, at the Chicago Auto Show, Jeep will hopefully announce what is officially releasing in the coming months.

2021 jeep® gladiator rubicon on the rubicon trail
Source: Jeep

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