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Volkswagen Next-Generation Infotainment is getting touchy feely

Volkswagen is calling their upgrade the “digital interior” and it’s all about the touch. Only these three models are getting the next-generation systems: GTI, Golf R and ID.4. Other models will eventually get the techie upgrade, but that requires Volkswagen to transition them to the new electronic architecture that enables it in the ID.4 and new-generation Golf. 

The bread winning feature is the Digital Cockpit Pro, a 10-inch high resolution touchscreen integrated into a cowl that bends around the driver (in the GTI and Golf R). The touchscreen’s fast-response and speed is top notch. You can swipe and tap around the screen similar to using a tablet without the lag. The new system is full touch, there are no touchpad or scroll wheels.

VW decided to continue the touch experience to the rest of the interior. There is a volume slider integrated into a piano black plastic piece that extends out right below the 10-inch screen completely eliminating any type of knobs. You can tap on the +/- buttons or slide your finger back and forth to change the volume. When it comes to adjusting the volume, this feature might be a complaint with consumers. Some drivers are going to accidentally hit the volume with normal mobility with your hands while driving.

On the plus side, the “Discover Pro” infotainment’s interface is very user friendly. It’s compared to the old iPhones having a home button where you can always go back to the main screen of apps. It’s easy to scroll up and down through the app icons or swipe across the widgets. There are separate tiles for navigation, trip data, current media and more, which are all customizable. Volkswagen gives you the added bonus of changing the colors of the infotainment system, digital instrument panel and ambient lighting.

Source: VW

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